Touching Everyday Lives – Fibria Três Lagoas, Brasil

A jewel in the crown of the world's largest market pulp producer, Fibria Três Lagoas, Brazil

Três Lagoas, Brasil

Fatos do projeto

Project: 1 300 000 /ta greenfield bleached euca pulp mill

Scope: EPCM services

Agreement value:: USD 1.7 billion

Start-up:: 2009

Sustainable pulp for the unexpected...

Built on a site occupying more than four square kilometres, the Fibria Três Lagoas mill started operating in March 2009.

Pöyry was involved in the project from the early conceptual phase and was responsible for overall project management and EPCM services (engineering, procurement, construction management) .

Some 10 000 workers took part in the construction of the new plant and approximately 220 suppliers were involved in the project, including local and national small, medium and large companies.

The project was based on the concepts of ecodesign, using cleaner production processes, guaranteeing a pleasant and safe working environment. The Três Lagoas mill is self-sufficient in energy, using biomass from eucalyptus and black liquor used in the industrial process.

The project had many competitive advantages, such as a production capacity, resulting in economy of scale gains, optimised wood transport (average radius of 57 km) and advanced technology resulting in chemical consumption reductions.

Around 80% of output will be shipped abroad via rail from Três Lagoas to the Port of Santos. The rest will be sold on the domestic market, mainly to International Paper's paper mill located in Três Lagoas next to the pulp mill.

Fibria Celulose is a Brazilian pulp and paper company created by a merger between Aracruz and VCP, born positioned as a global leader in pulp, with production capacity exceeding 6 million tons of pulp and paper produced in seven factories distributed in five Brazilian states